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OWL is a Barcelona-based design studio led by Alfredo Lopez, which designs and manufactures unique furniture and objects, mainly but not exclusively in wood. As a practice, OWL understands its furniture collections as series and therefore objects in constant evolution, which allows them to adapt to different people, projects and spaces.

Our series  include Formica (2018) Capsules (2019) La Pepino (2020), and Alabaster (2022). For the new expansion of the La Pepino series (2024), we modified the designs into an additional set of pieces, suited for both smaller and large homes.


During Milan Design Week 2024, OWL presented Frames, a system of screens designed with Charlotte Taylor in collaboration with A.P.C.  More to come soon :)

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Each of our pieces are handmade and built in our workshop, using high-quality materials from local suppliers as a means to be conscious and sustainable, with the aim of creating pieces that stand the test of time. We source materials based on each commission, which may lead to some minor differences in the tone, color, and thickness of the finished piece. Please refer to our tech sheets for further detailing.

Every piece is made per order, and shipped in custom packaging, given to the specifications and delicacy of the piece. We take care of the production of our own source boxes, crates and pallets. Please allow six to eight weeks for regular orders to ship. For larger projects and orders, feel free to reach out for more information on production and shipping time.

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As our series our in constant in evolution, we offer a full customization service tailored to special and larger scale projects. We have experience in office spaces, as well as custom projects for different homes and families.

If you are interested in commissioning a custom piece or interior design project, please email the studio to begin a conversation about form and timeline. Including references or images of what you have in mind is useful to begin a dialogue. 

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Shipping Terms

All of our shipments are fully insured. If your piece arrives damaged or broken we require you to contact us within 10 working days of the package being delivered in order to process the claim appropriately. 


Customs duty and extra charges may apply given your country. We are not responsible for fees and/or taxes related to imported goods. Once the order has been shipped, we will send all necessary tracking information to you. Please keep an eye out on your mailbox and package status as the shipper may require additional information. We are not responsible if the piece is returned, due to customs purposes.


 As all of our pieces are made to order, we do not accept returns.